The Chevalier Holiday from Cross Make 2010 Winter, written by Moonzero (Lim Dall Young) and drawn by Anicd, is a doujinshi story created by the originator of Freezing. It is part of the Eroizing (エロいジング‎) set of stories. It is a non-canon official doujinshi story set in the Freezing universe. It is part of the Lim Dall Young World.


Pandora 2064, a videogame based on the Pandora 's Carnival is released. It features the Pandoras from West Genetics Japan. The Chevaliers play the game to see who the best one is. Eventually all the 4th year students are played through, and they run through other students, including Chiffon, the 3rd year 1st rank student, but the final winning character is Satellizer, the 2nd year 2nd rank student, defeating the 4th year students and Chevalier characters.


This shows the names and appearances of the heretofore little seen or mentioned 4th year students of West Genetics and Chevalier members. It also shows how Satellizer overcomes everything, including opponents much more powerful than she is.

Among the Chevaliers introduced are the top-10 ranked Pandoras Rinda, Sakurako, Lee Su Na, Yu and Allen.

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