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Volume Chapter Title Publication date
Volume 1
Chapter 0 Prologue
January 2012

The Summon Assist Interface is introduced, along with SAI:Takers, and how Takers have changed the world. Takers have the ability to manipulate and harvest "Life", a type of energy.

The main character, Nanase Kyouya is introduced as a normal high school student. He has been orphaned and taken in by Igarashi Kyouka, who treat each other as brother and sister. He has grown up with Igarashi Yuuma. Kyouya is not compatible with the SAI, but very much wants to be a Taker. Kyouka is an original taker and Yuuma is a SAI:Taker. Both Yuuma and Kyouka seem to like Kyouya. Kyouka has developed an artificial magical vessel that will allow a greater number of people to become Takers. So they go to Life Inc. to check Kyouya's compatibility with the new device. While there, the Taker terrorist group Taurus attacks the Life Inc. research annex and blow it up, mortally wounding Kyouya.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 March issue Comic Alive on 2012 January 26..
Chapter 1 Let's Go To The First Student Council! February 2012

In order to save Nanase Kyouya, Igarashi Kyouka, his older sister, contracts him to the new untested prototype artificial magical vessel Artemis, which was based on her own sorcery device. This saves Kyouya by giving him the powers of a Taker, however, it also changes him into a girl, completely, even to the point of having periods and being able to get pregnant. Igarashi Yuuma is greatly displeased with this situation and his now huge breasts. Because his type of artificial taker needs one lifepoint per day to live, or else die, he has to join Life School Tokyo, and have lifepoints distributed to him. He joins under the pretense of being a regular SAI:Taker. He is signed up under the alias Nanase Kyou. Taking off Artemis reverts him to being male, but rapidly consumes his lifepoints, so he needs to stay a female.

Life School Tokyo distributes lifepoints through its student club system. Joining a club is requisite for graduating. He wants to join the Student Council, where Yuuma is president, but is tricked into joining the First Student Council, a rival group that is intent on toppling the legitimate student council and ruling the school. One of the side-effects of using Artemis is that instead of PMS, Kyou goes into estrus, so that when the president of the First Student Council tries to take advantage and embarrass Kyou, he tries to seduce her instead.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 April issue Comic Alive on 2012 February 26.
Chapter 2 Welcoming Party! March 2012

Nanase Kyouya discovers "estrus" and being "in heat", after being saved by Igarashi Yuma from almost raping Takabayashi Reiri while in female form. It is explained to him that since his mind is still that of a guy, that while in estrus, he is attracted to the opposite sex, so while it looks like lesbian love, it is still normal for him.

Kyou goes to the First Student Council, where s/he is announced as the new lesbian member and enters to try to apologize to Reiri. Reiri claims that Kyou is a man, because of the way s/he acted, or at least, if not a crossdresser, is transgendered. The executives proceed to grope Kyou, to see if his/her breasts are real, and then subdue him to take of his/her panties, and find that his/her genitals look like a normal woman's. Kyou runs out screaming about the criminal assault, without his/her panties.

The panties are returned, and Kyou is invited to a new welcoming party, at an onsen, where the execs and Kyou are nude in the hotspring. Reiri takes off Kyou's hairband, actually Kyou's magical vessel, and Kyou turns back into Kyouya, showing Reiri his penis at the same time, while his lifepoints start dropping quickly. Reiri runs away, since she is afraid of or hates men, but trips, and Kyou, chasing her trips, and grabs her breasts. But since this is the last day of estrus, he is not unduly affected.

The next day, Kyouya goes to the First Student Council to try to beg them not to reveal his true identity, so he does not get kicked out of Life School Tokyo, so he can keep receiving lifepoints, so he can continue to live, since as a taker, he needs lifepoints to live, as when he runs out, he'll die. The execs say they want no dirty men in their club, but Reiri finally relents by blackmailing him to get pictures of Yuma in embarassing conditions.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 May issue Comic Alive on 2012 March 26.
Chapter 3 The Debut of the First Student Council's Brains and Brawn May 2012

Kyou goes to the Photography Club to obtain a camera to photograph Yuuma in an embarassing situation. While there, he is confronted by their president, Saionji Shiina, who reprimands Sasamori Yuu for interacting with a member of a different club. Kyou intervenes, and it escalates to a challenge between clubs. Kyouya cannot go through with covertly photoing Yuuma, and reveals what the First Student Council wants him to do and how they discovered his secret. Yuuma willingly disrobes to pose for embarrassing shots, but Kyouya cannot go through with it. Back at school, Saionji shows up to challenge Takabayashi, who is not in the club room. Kyou instead says that she will take whatever punishment is necessary. Before punishment is meted out, Takabayashi shows up, and the challenge is received. However, it is revealed that Kyou has already been expelled from the club. They go to the Third Grounds to fight the challenge, with the bet of all their Life on the line between the three top members of the Photography Club and First Student Council. When Izawa's summoned angel proves more powerful than Saonji's, she summons an angel she does not have the ability to control and it breaks its binding, going amok and creating chaos, and knocking her unconscious. Takabayashi orders Izawa and Kanemitsu to clean it up, to take credit. Kanemitsu summons an angel even more powerful that the one run amok. Together Kanemitsu and Izawa take down the rogue angel.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 July issue Comic Alive on 2012 May 26.
Chapter 4 The President's Secret June 2012

Igarashi Yuma and Nanase Kyou concoct a plan to keep Kyou's secret hidden, by incrementally giving more revealing and embarassing photos of Yuma to the blackmailing Takabayashi Reiri. The photo, of Yuma sleeping, reveals that Yuma is a manga-fan, and further an otaku, with doujin tendencies.

Yuma and Kyou set up a booth at a comic convention, and start selling adults-only doujins that Yuma has drawn. The First Student Council committee shows up to try to embarrass Yuma. She however takes pride in her work, and says it is not shameful to draw doujinshis. She says she wishes her work was good enough to be a pro, and she really likes drawing breasts. This flusters Reiri, who backs off.

Reiri is caught alone by otaku photographers, and she accedes to their every demand, going so far as to open her shirt up and take off her bra, before Kyou puts a stop to things. It is revealed that Reiri has a fear and dislike of mean, so disabling that in male-only groups she will do whatever they wish out of fear.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 August issue Comic Alive on 2012 June 27.
Uncollected Chapters Chapter 5 The Genocider of Life School Tokyo July 2012

Freshman Ishihara Yuuna (the door girl for the First Student Council, and sophomore Nanase Kyou meet accidentally at the convenience store. It turns out the clerk is Yuuna's eldest sister Ran. Kyou goes home with them, and meets the middle sister Mako, who also goes to Life School Tokyo. It is revealed that when their eldest sibling, brother Kenta was killed by an Original Taker, that Mako's personality changed, and she became distant. Mako thus hates Original Takers.

Mako is revealed to not belong to any clubs at school, thus severely limiting her classes, and takes on any task for Life Points, since many points are needed to graduate. As she's a senior, she needs them. She has earned the nickname "Genocider", and has always completed her tasks. Her latest task has brought her up against the First Student Council, for which Yuuna is trying to stop the confrontation. AFter Yuuna begs the First Student Council executive to no avail, she is similarly ineffective with her sister. Even with Kyou's help, it goes nowhere. Suddenly the executive show up at the meeting, and reveal that Reiri has chosen Kyou to represent them in the challenge with Mako. Mako, seeing that the First Student Council has treated Kyou like a slave, says she will only face off against an executive, and starts to leave. To entice her to fight, Reiri reveals that Kyou is an Original Taker.

Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 September issue Comic Alive on 2012 July 27.
Chapter 6 August 2012
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 October issue Comic Alive on 2012 August 27.
Chapter 7 September 2012
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 November issue Comic Alive on 2012 September 27.
Chapter 8 October 2012
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2012 December issue Comic Alive on 2012 October 27.
Chapter 9 November 2012
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2013 January issue Comic Alive on 2012 November 27.
Chapter 10 December 2012
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2013 February issue Comic Alive on 2012 December 27.
Chapter 11 January 2013
Title notes: This was originally published in the 2013 March issue Comic Alive on 2013 January 26.

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