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The unofficial wiki on Wikia covering Lim Dall Young's creations, the "Lim Dall Young World", including "Lim Rash", the mangas of Lim Dall Young World.

Welcome to the Lim Dall Young World Wiki

This Wikia Wiki is about the fictional worlds of Lim Dall Young, with short summaries of those works that have their own Wikia Wikis, with links to their Wikia Wikis, and longer information about those without, to form a starting point for new Wikia Wikis.

Lim Dall Young

Lim Dall Young (임달영, 林達永) is the writer of manga, manhwa and videogames. This Wikia Wiki endeavours to cover all the various fictional worlds that he has created.

Lim Dall Young World

"Lim Dall Young World" is the descriptive name chosen by Lim Dall Young himself when he was writing under his pseudonym "Moonzero", to describe his collection of fictional worlds.

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