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The Legend of Maian (마이언 전기) is about a time of strife, an age after a great war where the Great Hero Maian defeated the Great Witch Felicia Rand Philistine. A descendant of Maian, Felix Maian accidentally frees Felicia from her enchanted bonds, and is in turn bonded with her, her powers sealed within him. As an attempt to retrieve her powers, she agrees to travel with Felix to find her Great Generals, perpetually bound to her will as long as she lives, so as to supposedly help Felix's homeland in its time of need, defeat their enemy.'

"The Legend of Maian" is the sequel to Pit Aelia.

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The Legend of Maian started as a series of light novels written by Lim Dall Young and illustrated by . It was published by 프로넷 under 서울창작, and the first volume was released in June 2000.


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The Legend of Maian manhwa was adapated from the light novel series, and again written by Lim Dall Young, but illustrated by Jeong Soo Cheol. It was published by Haksan (학산문화사) in volume format, and under their Chance pulp manhwa magazine in serial format. The first chapter was published. The first volume was published in August 2007.

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