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Significant characters of the manga

This is a list of major characters from Kurokami: Black God. This list includes the major characters of the Kurokami anime and the Black God manga.


Major characters
Character English name Japanese name Korean name Other frequent names
Ibuki Keita Keita Ibuki 伊吹慶太
Ibuki Keita
Ibuki Keita is the main protagonist of the anime and manga. His best friend is Akane, and he is contracted with the mototsumitama Kuro, and gets into encouters due to her crusade.
Kuro Kuro クロ
Kuro is the second main protagonist of the anime and manga, second to Keita. Her name means "Black". She is a human-looking mototsumitama, a type of spirit creature, and is contracted to Keita. She is on a crusade to balance the world's tera; and defeat her nefarious brother Reishin and his plan to remake and rule the world.
Sano Akane Akane Sano 佐野茜
Sano Akane
Sano Akane is Keita's best friend and childhood friend, who has taken care of him since his mother died when he was in primary school. She is two years older than he is, and is working in the real world, as a bank branch officer.
Excel Excel エクセル
Steiner Steiner シュタイナー
Nagamine Ryuujin Ryuujin Nagamine
"Bushin" (Karate nickname) is Keita's grandfather on his mother's side.
Kakuma Kakuma かくま
Makana Makana まかな
Nanase Shinobu Shinobu Nanase 七瀬忍
Nanase Shinobu
Nam Nam
Nam is a sanshinryon from Korea, and is a type of spiritual creature similar to mototsumitama, but who do not form contracts.

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