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The serialized chapters are published in Comic Valkyrie (ヴァルキリーコミックス) of Kill Time Communication (KTC)


Volume Chapter Publication date Summary
Volume 1
Chapter 1 2011-01-27

The first chapter introduces Inamine Kouta the main character, and Sawanoguchi Hinata, along with supporting characters. Inamine Kouta is a struggling manga artist just starting out. He has been fired twice from Comic Heat, and was picked up at Monthly Splash by Sawanoguchi Hinata. He was revealed to be a virgin and thus unable to write realistic romances, so proceeds to try to powerfully suggest Sawanoguchi provide the necessary experience; Sawanoguchi Hinata who carries on like a loose woman.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 28.
Chapter 2 2011-03-28

Inamine Kouta, unable to follow through on his assault on Sawanoguchi Hinata, orders up a "no-touching date" with a kogal. The obnoxious kogal gives Inamine Kouta advice on his manga storyboarded comic. The kogal mistakes Sawanoguchi Hinata for a real call girl prostitute.

He gets another callback to Comic Heat, after being fired twice, by being noticed by the chief editor Juumonji Sayaka. Juumonji Sayaka explains the rumours about Sawanoguchi Hinata are just competitors who are jealous and who smear one of the few women in weekly shounen comics.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 29.
Chapter 3 2011-05-27

Inamine Kouta draws his debut manga comic, with feedback from his new editor at Comic Heat, Takashima Yuu. After completing his first draft, it's been retakes for a month. While contemplating the way his first work is going, it meets the Date Club kogal again in normal life.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 30.
Chapter 4 2011-06-27

Fujiwara Miki, the Date Club kogal, reviews the draft manga and says it is good. Mine Ryuujirou apologizes for overreacting and firing Inamine Kouta from Comic Heat, and gives advice on Inamine Kouta's debut comic. After getting the truth about Sawanoguchi Hinata from Mine Ryuujirou, Inamine Kouta returns to Sawanoguchi Hinata, and leaves Comic Heat for Comic Splash.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 31.
Volume 2
Chapter 5 2011

Inamine Kouta and Sawanoguchi Hinata go over the manga. Sawanoguchi Hinata explains the target audience of Comic Splash needs more sexiness over the audience of Comic Heat, and the realities of the manga marketplace.

Fujiwara Miki and Sawanoguchi Hinata model sexily for Inamine Kouta to allow him to complete his drawings. The resulting debut chapter in Comic Splash gets him number 3 position in a reader survey, and its completeness surprises Inamine Kouta's former editors at Comic Heat.

Title notes:
Chapter 6 2011-07-27

Sawanoguchi Hinata is confronted by Juumonji Sayaka, who says that she (Juumonji) will steal away Inamine Kouta to save him from being pushed to exhaustion by Sawanoguchi Hinata and burning out. Juumonji Sayaka also accuses Sawanoguchi Hinata of copying the Ozma system of exploiting market tastes to expand sales, by pushing her mangaka to change their styles to match the market instead of letting the mangaka show their own style.

Sawanoguchi Hinata congratulates Inamine Kouta and offers him a serial comic contract. She explains to him the realities of publishing in a monthly or weekly. He says he can't produce at the rate required, and she explains to him that he needs to hire an assistant.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 32.
Chapter 7 2011-08-27

Inamine Kouta gets started on his second story. However, in his next meeting with Sawanoguchi Hinata, at night, at her place, his outline, and all his other story ideas are rejected. At the same time, Sawanoguchi is dressed sexily as she hasn't done her laundry and literally has nothing to wear except a negligee, leading Inamine to think about her trying to seduce him, but after regarding her attitude, it doesn't seem to be the case. She gives him a week to come up with something better. At the end of the week, he has nothing she will approve of. Instead she hands back his initial outline with revisions written into it by someone else. He feels it is a betrayal of his story idea, but also agrees that the rewritten outline is better. He is pressured into accepting the revised outline as his starting point. She then recommends Sakomizu Chika, a college student, as a possible assistant to be hired.

Inamine goes to meet the prospective assistant and runs into a pair of small boys teasing a little girl. After flipping up her skirt, it's revealed that she's wearing sexy underwear. She explodes in anger, but Inamine shoos the boys away and berates the girl for wearing age inappropriate clothing. She beats him up and calls him a pervert and declares that she is Sakomizu Chika, a 20-year old college student. He then reveals that he is her prospective boss.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 33.
Chapter 8 2011-09-27

Inamine Kouta gets together with Sakomizu Chika, because Sawanoguchi Hinata requests it. After pressure by Sawanoguchi, they review each other again. Sakomizu, after looking at Inamine's original script, assents to being an assistant. When Inamine reviews Sakomizu's work, he feels she is better than he is, and also assents.

In a business dinner celebration of the success of Kagami Rinne (a top novelist) and Mine's work, which has been picked up for TV adaptation, things go on to Mineryuu's history. He reveals that his early hit "Farewell, Tokyo" was a joint effort by him and Sawanoguchi. Later it is revealed that Sawanoguchi's career at top magazines was ruined by Ozma, the editor-destroyer. Prior to this, she was called in by top magazines when needed, and stole promising newbies.

In a flashback, Juumonji's memories reveal that Sawanoguchi willingly let herself be destroyed by Ozma, for Ozma's sake. This propels Juumonji to get drunk, letting her to serendipitously meet Inamine on the street in the rain. Inamine, being a gentleman, escorts her back to her place, where it is revealed that she is coming up with a high fever.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie volume 34.
Volume 3
Chapter 9 2011-11-28

Juumonji Sayaka wakes up naked on Inamine Kouta's couch. They have breakfast together, where he explains he saved her from being drunk in the rain with a fever. They explore how she and Sawanoguchi Hinata differ as editors.

Inamine is late in meeting with Sakomizu Chika because of the morning with Juumonji. He also has lost lots of sleep since he stayed up watching over Juumonji. Sakomizu explains to Inamine that she will not only handle backgrounds and details, but also drawing all the characters, while Inamine will focus on style and story.

Inamine confronts Sawanoguchi, who confirms Sakomizu's take on the situation. She explains that this is better for efficiency and quality control, and that a manager should manage resources in this manner. Inamine says that such a creation is no longer his work, whereupon Sawanoguchi agrees, manga are a joint product and not artwork. Inamine suggests that why not let Sakomizu take all the illustration role, which Sawanoguchi says is fine, but that its easier if the initial design were drawn by Inamine, as he has a hard time conveying things. She says it would make a good experiment. Whereupon he storms away saying that he's quit and that Sakomizu should just do it all.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 January volume 35.
Chapter 10 2012-12

Inamine Kouta leaves for the entire day, letting Fujiwara Miki walk into his apartment and accost Sakomizu Chika accidentally thinking she was he.

Inamine has gone to a manga bar, hooked up with a girl, Rune, who is also a fan of Ozma, and gotten drunk together, waking up on the bank seating together. They go to a gay bar for breakfast. She criticizes his ego for letting down Comic Splash and quitting, saying that it is never only the author's sole work, and that many people help authors. They leave and go to Ozma Studio.

Chapter 11 2012-01-27

Ozma pays Comic Heat a visit, and offers a manga for serialization. Juumonji Sayaka turns the offer down, even though at Comic Guardian, publication of Ozma mangas resulted in anime productions and a 25% rise in sales.

Ianmine Kouta visits Ozma Studios and finds out that Ozma is actually an author group, working like an anime production studio, with teams of writers, artists and the like, and directors for teams that work on each Ozma title. Iwasaki Rune is revealed to be the chief of the team doing Revolution Revolution. She issues a challenge to Inamine, to see who would do better in Comic Splash, a novice team from Ozma Studio, under the Ozma System or Inamine under the Editor System. Inamine accepts, so Ozma goes to pay Sawanoguchi Hinata a visit.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 March volume 36.
Chapter 12 2012-02

Omura visits Sawanoguchi Hinata. They discuss old times, it is revealed that Omura is the founder of Ozma Studio, and the original OZMA. Further when Omura started out, he was the first mangaka that Sawanoguchi managed by herself. Omura had a hard work ethic, and used Sawanoguchi's guidance to the maximum, eventually using that instruction to create the Ozma System. Omura tries to hire Sawanoguchi away, but Sawanoguchi declines, and says that while she sometimes thinks of working for him, but that it would just be a glorified management position, instead of being an editor. Omura says that it's just Sawanoguchi's system honed to perfection. Omura says that Inamine looks like a promising mangaka, agreeing with Sawanoguchi's assessment. Omura offers to compete against Inamine with a rank novice from OZMA's ranks in Comic Splash.

Ozma pulls their new manga, "Lost Memories of Love", from Comic Heat to publish in Splash, to go head to head with Inamine's. Inamine is shocked by the new development, even when Sawanoguchi reveals that she accepted Inamine's challenge to Ozma, to compete head-to-head with them. Sawanoguchi reveals that she doesn't want Inamine to burn out, and that she has realized that her drive to make mangaka better has sometimes burned them out. Inamine then begs to redo everything he's done so far for his new manga, "Midsummer Dreams", to compete better.

Volume 4
Chapter 13 2012-03-27

Sawanoguchi invites Inamine, Fujiwara and Sakomizu to a private beach to relax, before Inamine begins a total rewrite, having a day off. Sawanoguchi's poor choice in swimwear results in her top coming off, which she says happens all the time and claims she didn't do deliberately. Sawanoguchi then says that with Fujiwara's revealing swimsuit, she's one to talk. She then strips off and takes off Fujiwara's as well, saying that it's more relaxing being nude. Sakomizu is concerned that this is too much time off too close to the deadline, while Sawanoguchi says that relaxation is necessary to story creation.

Aikawa Minako is revealed to be the artist assigned behind Ozma's "Lost Memories of Love" manga. Juumonji vows to get even with Ozma for them pulling their manga from the pages of Comic Heat to move it to Comic Splash. Juumonji reveals that she thinks Comic Splash is a B-grade porno rag.

Juumonji gets drunk with Sawanoguchi, Fujiwara and Sakomizu. Juumonji and Sawanoguchi get into a battle of sexually harrassing Inamine. Juumonji wakes up the next morning bottomless next to Inamine, having no memory of the night before; but Sawanoguchi, talking in her sleep, says Juumonji is too much, taking all three of them at once, implying a threesome between Sawanoguchi, Inamine and Juumonji.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 May volume 37.
Chapter 14 2012-04

Sakomizu wakes up and beats up Inamine for groping her in his sleep, waking up everyone else, discovering that Juumonji has already left, and finding out that she forgot her cellphone, which she is never without. Juumonji, worked up trying to figure out what happened last night, almost crashes into a truck on her drive into work, from fretting about it, instead of paying attention to her driving.

Omura assigns Tachikawa Shunya to edit Aikawa's new manga serial.

Sawanoguchi reviews Inamine's new outline, and finds it good to go. However, she explains to him, that his duel is not strictly between novices because of all the experienced mangaka at Ozma Studio that share knowledge between themselves. This makes a novice at Ozma have the equivalent of a 10-year veteran's. Fujiwara exclaims that the duel is set up to make Inamine fail. Inamine, however says it is a good learning experience, and he's going to do his best to win it. Sawanoguchi says that to level the playing field, he needs some experienced advisors as well.

Sawanoguchi sends Juumonji's cell back to her by a courier. Sawanoguchi calls Juumonji and says that the phone is being returned. Sawanoguchi also says that Juumonji has been having relations with Inamine, so this would be a battle over possession of a mangaka between rival editors at rival magazines, as Inamine is Sawanoguchi's mangaka. Sawanoguchi further says that there are photos on the phone proving the malfeasance.

Chapter 15 2012-05-27

Mine reminisces about his days as an assistant to Omura, when he sees his head assistant admonishing a young assistant. He remembers being criticized for not caring about less important scenes, and being told that some readers will examine all the cells, and will critique and remember every mistake.

Sawanoguchi blackmails Juumonji into getting Mine into mentoring Inamine. Inamine accedes to Juumonji's request, but warns her that this may make Inamine into a formidable mangaka and competitor for Comic Heat. Sawanoguchi is surprised that Juumonji chose Mine. Sakomizu and Inamine are overawed by the fact that Mineryuu would mentor them. After looking at the manuscript, Mine rips it in twain, staying that the state the sketches are in is deplorable, and that a mangaka should not be relying on their assistant for line tracings, further that as a rookie, it is too soon for Inamine to be so reliant on an assistant, and that Inamine should do the line tracings himself. Mine reveals to Juumonji that he was harsh to make Inamine go beyond himself, since that is the only way that Inamine will win against Ozma. Being gentle will not do it. However, Mine, on reflection, believes that his method has made him like Oomura.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 July volume 38.
Chapter 16 2012-05-27

Juumonji reminisces about her time under Sawanoguchi, and how she had ripped up manuscripts by mangaka and made them redraw them. Juumonji figures out the way Sawanoguchi forces her mangaka to work burns them out, leading to her reputation as a Newbie Eater. Sawanoguchi however says this is the way to force the best out of them, and if they cannot survive, then they are to be filtered out, so that the stars can rise to the top.

Sakomizu and Inamine have been hard at work for 5 days straight, without sleep, redrawing the chapter. Each page has been redrawn atleast 3 times in the process, before inking, on the pencil versions. Juumonji is astonished on the quality of the resultant pages. Sawanoguchi says they are still young, and can survive this process. Juumonji phones Mineryuu about it, Mineryuu says that this is enough to have them publish. Mineryuu also reminisces, and thinks that this is their first time in the pressure cooker, and that they must get used to it. Sakomizu collapses after finishing her part. Inamine keeps drawing on the next chapter, but has a nosebleed. Sawanoguchi tells him to take a nap, and she'll wake him up shortly. But he sleeps for 36 hours.

The results come in for the competition, Inamine's manga comes in second, while the Ozma manga comes in first in the reader survey. Inamine is disappointed for not defeating Ozma. Juumonji is also disappointed at his not winning. Mineryuu says in order to beat the Ozma studio, Inamine also needs the help of a script artist. He calls up Kagami Rinne, the novelist he has been collaborating with.

Volume 5


Chapter 17 2012-07-27

Juumonji and Mine meet Kagami for a business meal. They plead with her for her help, without a consultancy fee. She assents to doing it, after Mine agrees to manga-lize more of her novels. When Sawanoguchi tells Inamine that Kagami agreed to help him, the gang starts discussing Juumonji's motivation in helping him, an author at a different magazine, with Sakomizu suggesting that Juumonji must really hate Ozma, and Sawanoguchi suggesting that Juumonji might like Inamine.

Kagami and Inamine meet, and Kagami says she likes his work. She thinks his works shows emotions very well. They discuss ways to better his work. She suggest that to increase the depth of story and interest, he might choose to use the intersect method, where a writer switches the point of view from the main character to another, and have parallel storyline running that cross over each other. She says that his work might not be suited for manga, and might be better as novels.

Juumonji reviews the images on her phone, and finds that she didn't erase the photo that Sawanoguchi took of her sleeping with Inamine. She considers deleting it again, but thinks that its only one image, so she might as well keep it.

A timejump to a month later has the reviews for the second chapters come in. This time, Inamine has beat Aikawa in the Comic Splash ratings. Ozma review the situation, with some considering the help that Inamine got as cheating, especially Kagami's assistance. Omura says that this is similar to how OZMA polishes its artists. When Aikawa learns of the change in situation, it just drives her harder. Inamine worries about the third and final chapter in the mangaka duel, after learning he has won the second chapter battle. Juumonji and Kagami discuss the situation, with Juumonji seeming a bit too happy with the situation of a competing magazine's mangaka doing well. When Kagami asks for a reference photo she requested, and Juumonji then sends to her, Juumonji has accidentally sent the photo of her in bed with Inamine to Kagami.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 September volume 39.
Chapter 18 2012-07-27

Kagami and Inamine meet for a business dinner. Kagami mentions that she's impressed with his work, and tries to convince him to draw serialization mangas based on her works. Inamine however begs off saying that he wishes to have his next work as his own. Oomura shows up right after Inamine leaves. He says that they both failed to snag Inamine for their very own. He then requests that Kagami help Aikawa with her last chapter, however Kagami refuses, and says she will help neither Aikawa nor Inamine. Kagami lets drop that she knows that Juumonji and Inamine are in a relationship. Oomura runs with that, and starts planning.

Oomura confronts Sawanoguchi about the relationship between Inamine and Juumonji. However Sawanoguchi says that such relationships are not her concern, and that this type of pressure does not matter to her. Oomura says that such a revelation could ruin Juumonji or Inamine or both of them. Sawanoguchi asks him what his demands are, and Oomura reveals that Ozma must win the third and final confrontation in the contest, whatever the actual results of the reader poll. The magazine must publish that Ozma won, to keep Ozma's reputation intact, and keep it growing. He says that such a loss to Inamine would be a small thing, but a much bigger blemish to Ozma's shine. Sawanoguchi says much has changed about his passion about manga since they were in love. Oomura reveals that things cannot go back to the way they were, but he still very much wants her to work at Ozma.

Chapter 19 2012-09-27

Sawanoguchi reveals to Inamine why Juumonji is so cold, saying that because of a previous incident at Comic Heat, where a female chief editor had an affair with her talent, that Eidansha, Heat's publisher, instituted a rule that such affairs would result in termination. She says that's why the rumours of Juumonji's and Inamine's affair are so troublesome.

Inamine and Juumonji discuss the situation, and Juumonji accidentally lets it slip that the previous chief editor to her was Sawanoguchi, and that the talent Sawanoguchi had an affair with was Oomura. She says that they probably loved each other, but that Oomura was too controlling and wanted Sawanoguchi all to himself, and Sawanoguchi didn't want to let her other mangaka be unattended, even though Oomura was the best there was, and she was already using most of her time on him. This lead Oomura to spread rumours that Sawanoguchi was a novice eater, and eventually to get her fired.

Title notes: This was originally published in Comic Valkyrie 2012 November volume 40.
Chapter 20 2012-09-27 Chapter 20 is the final chapter and split into two parts, the end of the story arc, and an epilogue

Oomura reveals that he will use any method to win the contest, to keep the OZMA brand on top. Sato says that if Oomura uses them, he'll despise him. After Sato talks with Rune, Rune agrees that it is unseemly, but it is business. When Sato reveals it to Aikawa, they confront Oomura. Oomura says that the decision is to protect the Ozma brand, and it is a business decision, to which Aikawa says she wants to win fairly, and if Ozma can't then Ozma isn't Ozma. Oomura says that from a business perspective, a short run can end in a loss, but in a long running series, they would surely win. Finally Oomura asks Rune for her opinion, to which she says it's the boss's job to figure out the strategy to use.

After a 5 year time jump, OZMA has become a big company, with a high rise tower. We find that Aikawa is a successful mangaka, being the principal mangaka on the Change Dear manga, having just sold 500,000 copies in their first edition. Aikawa complains that Oomura must have lost his touch, because Inamine Kouta is still running strong in the long run, and has sold 700,000 copies of his latest (third) edition.

Sayaka is pushing Kouta to sell 1,000,000 copies for their fourth volume after selling 700,000 copies in the latest edition. The three assistants say that the editor is all numbers. Sayaka exclaims why shouldn't she be Kouta's editor and his wife? Kouta and Sayaka hug, and reveal that Miyu will be the name of their yet to be born child.

Meanwhile, Sawanoguchi is at a comic convention interviewing prospective newcomer mangakas.

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