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Volume 1
Chapter 1 Episode.01
Aoi Kazuha I

An introduction to Pandoras is provided.

The action jumps to a battle against a newly evolved type of Nova. The Pandora are losing badly, with almost no one combat effective anymore. Shion saves Kim Yumi from a blast by the Nova, losing an arm in the process, when it rips into her Pandora Suit. Preparing for a counter attack against the Nova, Yumi dons her Pandora Suit, and starts her run, the Limiter Max tries to counteract the Freezing field of the Nova. It is not sufficient, and Yumi gets trapped. The remaining Pandoras think she's doing it deliberately to deflect the blasts away from them, but Yumi is sure she'll die. Aoi Kazuha suddenly shows up and deflects the blasts. Kazuha has determined what has happened to increase the tempo of this Nova. She then says that all Pandora need to compress their time-axes. Kazuha develops multivector attack and time compression on the fly, attacking the newly evolved Nova, these become Tempest Turn and Accel Turn, respectively, when developed into standard High End Skills. Elize Schmitz deploys the remaining Pandora in a circular formation to distract the Nova from the attacks of Kazuha's.

Kazuha was roommates with Elize Schmitz during her third year at West Genetics.

Kazuha transferred into West Genetics in her Junior Year (second year), and was promptly assigned to the Senior Year's Numbers squad. She had a different uniform from the other Genetics students, being one designed by Aoi Gengo. At the time Yumi Kim was already in her Senior Year (third year) and part of the Numbers Squad.

Title Notes: Zero was first published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 37 (May 2012)
Chapter 2 Episode.02
Aoi Kazuha II

It is revealed that the Limiters were introduced in the 7th Nova Clash of 2053; and that Aoi Kazuha was inducted into the Pandora program at age 10, by her grandfather, Dr. Aoi Gengo, and has 10 stigmata implanted.

In 2030, two projects proposed by Dr. Aoi Gengo are selected by the Chevalier to go forward; Project I: Pandora, that would select compatible girls to implant full power stigmata derived from Maria Lancelot, to have them grow and mature with the stigmata and become powerful; Project II: Valkyrie, that would select highly trained women to be implanted with degraded stigmata, so that many can be created at need. Dr. Aoi rates the second project more difficult to mature.

At the 2060 West Genetics Spring Carnival, Baek Mi-Ryung becomes #1 in the junior class, however Aoi Kazuha finishes last. However, despite tradition, where the first place finisher of the Junior Spring Carnival is inducted into the Numbers squad to become the leader in her senior year, Aoi Kazuha is instead selected as the junior, by direct request of Aoi Gengo. Freezing characters#Kim Yumi explodes in anger because of the use of Aoi family connections at Aoi Kazuha.

Title Notes: コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 37 (May 2012) contains episodes 1 and 2 of Freezing: Zero
Chapter 3 Episode.03
Aoi Kazuha III

Grand Canyon Chevalier Central Headquarters identity is reinforced. The simulated Type-F Nova is revealed. Radox is revealed to be the commander of the Chevalier and that Aoi Gengo was his rival for the position. The Seiga company is revealed to be an upstart that built the simulator. Kim Yumi's nickname is revealed to be "the Gorilla of the West". It is revealed that Aoi Kazuha is the only Pandora cadet allowed to live off-campus, and she commutes from her home with her brother. Aoi Kazuha is revealed to be extremely close to her younger brother, Aoi Kazuya. Kotou Saeko is revealed to be #1 in her year at East Genetics. Kim Yumi is revealed to be Student Council President at West Genetics. It is revealed that Kotou Saeko, after failing to reach #1 in her freshman year, transferred from West Genetics to East Genetics. Baek Mi-Ryung challenges Kotou Saeko to a duel. Kazuha Aoi reveals that personal duels are against the rules.

Chapter 4 Episode.04
Aoi Kazuha IV

Kim Yumi and Elize Schmitz meet Aoi Kazuya at the Aoi siblings home. It is revealed that the Aoi sibilings left their grandfather's house for independence, and they live off Aoi Kazuha's stipend for being a Pandora cadet. Being a Pandora cadet was also the only way that their grandfather, Dr. Aoi Gengo would let them leave.

The Faylan generator is revealed to be more powerful than nuclear generators, and something that powers the simulacrum Novas, and created by Seiga Heavy Industries.

Kotou Saeko is seemingly defeated by Baek Mi-Ryung in their duel. While Kotou is faster, Baek is more powerful.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 38 (July 2012)
Chapter 5 Episode.05
Aoi Kazuha IV

While Baek Mi-Ryung is conversing with Kim Yu-Mi, Kotou Saeko counterattacks, and misses, hitting the control panel for the Type-F simulacrum Nova, sending it out of control. Kim sends Elize Schmitz to warn the rest of the Academy and Sister Margaret. Saeko does not listen to Yumi's instructions and acts on her own instead of in concert with Miryung. After Yumi rescues Saeko, she reprimands her for not being a team player. Yumi is then knocked out by the simulacrum. Saeko and Miryung face the simulacrum alone and together. Aoi Kazuha, having been ordered not by Yumi to interfere, now takes action because Yumi is out of it. She takes out the simulacrum single-handedly and introduces the first ever high-end skill, and showing everyone a very large and unheard of number of stigmata activating.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 39 (September 2012)
Uncollected chapters Chapter 6 Episode.06
Arnett McMillan I

Arnett McMillan is on the verge of turning 14, the entrance age for Chevalier Genetics Academies. She is travelling with her father, Keith to San Francisco. On the way, they pick up two lewd hitchhikers, glasses-girl Cynthia and topless Kate. When they arrive, Keith reveals to Arnett that she has 80% compatibility with stigmata. She however doesn't want to become a Pandora.

Chapter 7 Episode.07
Arnett McMillan II

Arnett and her father travel on from the motel, where Arnett thinks Kate and Cynthia are lesbians, as she catches them in bed together naked. Hijackers attempt to take Keith's truck, and blow it off the road with an RPG. Keith is rescued from falling off a cliffside trapped in the truck when it is revealed that the two hitchhikers are actually US Chevalier Pandoras Kate Avelli and Cynthia Ruth.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 40 (November 2012)
Chapter 8 Episode.08
Elizabeth Mably I

Elizabeth Mably is introduced, first in her loving family home, with her family. Then it shifts to the pre-Genetics training camp that prepares Pandora-candidates-select prior to stigma implantation. It shows how hard boot camp is, and reduces the cadet candidates to numbers, and not names, with no deference given to the social status the girls had prior to entry, or their relative immaturity. It shows that Elizabeth is willing to stand up to authority if it treats girls badly, and get punished for it.

Chapter 9 Episode.09
Elizabeth Mably II

Boot camp continues. Second Lieutenant Park singles out recruit GM160 Elizabeth Mably for special intense attention. A failure for any individual Pandora candidate select is a failure for the entire training platoon, so Mably's mistakes get extra training for all. It also gets her special additional lessons. First Lieutenant Hilda says she should be a bit kinder.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)
Chapter 10 Episode.10
Elizabeth Mably III
Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)
Chapter 11 Episode.11
Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)

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