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Freezing (Japanese: フリージング ; Korean: 프리징 ) is the title of a military science-fiction high school romance manga set in a future Japan. It is written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Kim Kwang Hyun.



Freezing is about the military academy where Pandora are trained to fight off interdimensional invaders called Nova, specifically the Pandora called Satellizer el Bridget and her Limiter partner Aoi Kazuya.

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Freezing was originally published in Japan in Japanese, and subsequently published in many other editions. It was published in South Korea in Korean, in France in French.

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Freezing was selected to become an anime. A TV anime series, Freezing plus an OVA omake Blu-ray/DVD series were created. An omake ecchi magazine, Freezing Magazine, was also included in the disc volumes, which contained omake manga chapters of the Sexy Dynamite Bomber! line.

Several hentai doujinshi stories, the Eroizing (エロいジング) series, written by Moonzero and drawn by various artists of the CDPA doujin circle, was published in the hentai doujinshi anthology series Cross Make. It is an official doujinshi entry in the Freezing works.

A companion magazine was published in conjunction with the airing of the TV anime series, Freezing Giant Issue, which contained omake gaiden chapters for the manga, and databook for the anime, plus an interview with the author and artist.

A spin-off prequel manga series was created in 2011, based around Chiffon Fairchild called Freezing - First Chronicle.

A second spin-off prequel manga series created in 2012, based around Aoi Kazuha, called Freezing - Zero.

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